Photos of Before and After

Please take a look at the amazing transformations from our projects in our Before and After Gallery.

This large one-story house in Centennial was situated so that it did not take full advantage of the views of the mountains out it's front door. What was the back of the house, show above, became a beautiful entrance as we flipped the house from front to back.

We added a commanding entrance, with natural stone columns, a rough timber ceiling and a three car garage so that you knew exactly how to enter the home, and that there was a beautiful setting behind.

Again, the original back of the house, with little design, and distinction.

Now a gorgeous front door and portico very much showcases its surroundings.

The original front of the house faced the mountains and was useless space, with a rickety, hard to navigate access to the front door, and parking in the sunken garage.

We turned the garage into a window filled family room, the middle section of the house became a wonderful living room that walked out into a serene patio with fire pit to take full advantage of the range, and the left side of the house which was originally a haphazard addition that was not properly built, became a master suite with a spacious bathroom and closet.

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